Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Faith of a Child

Once again, I am here to report answers to prayer.
Dad began his first chemo treatment on Tuesday morning. It began with difficulties accessing his port. The nurses worked on him for almost an hour and had to "stick" him several times. The port was just placed on Monday so it was still very tender.
During this time I texted my family and asked them to pray that the difficulties would end. I quickly received a text from my daughter to say that her children had stopped what they were doing and Justus prayed for their Poppa. As the nurse continued to work on him I read this text to Dad. Even as I read the text the nurse was able to get to the port and we all cheered. We believed in that moment that God hears the faith-filled prayers of a little child.
I had asked you to pray that there would be no reaction to the powerful drugs infused during the treatment. It was expected that he would have a reaction to the first drug and that because of this it would take 3 to 5 hours to infuse this one drug. In all they expected us to be there for 7 hours.
God showed Himself through all of this... The first drug was infused in a little over an hour with no real reaction. The whole treatment took less than 4 hours.
We are reminded that each and every step of this journey must be covered in prayer. Thank you for standing with Dad during this time. We need your prayers!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Prayer Changes Things!

This is a saying we have heard all of our lives, but we are grateful to be living this out.
Because of your prayers, Dad had an easy time in the PET scan on Saturday and and a smooth procedure to place his Port for chemo today. Thank you!
Please pray for his first chemo treatment tomorrow. It will start about 8:30 a.m. We expect to be there most of the day.
There is often a reaction to the first drug that will be given first thing in the morning. Please pray that there will be NO reaction and that his body will withstand the strong drugs needed to "melt away" the lymphoma mass in his abdomen.
Pray that Dad will have peace as he faces chemo and that he will sleep tonight in peace.
Pray that his pain will be minimal and easily managed.
Pray for mom as she takes care of him and for safety as we travel the roads to Bryan on a regular basis.
We know our God is strong and mighty to save. We know that He takes great delight in us and rejoices over us with singing.
We know that He wants to quiet us with His love.
We know He is a faithful God!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanks for Your Prayers!

Your prayers were evident this morning as Dad had his PET Scan. We were concerned because of his back problems and difficulty raising his arms. The scan only took 1 1/2 hours and he had no real pain or difficulty.
Please pray for Dad on Monday. He will have a port-a-cath placed in his chest for easy access for chemo, blood draws, etc.
This will be done as outpatient surgery. Please pray that his pain will be minimal so that he can really enjoy Thanksgiving with all of his family.
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Dad's Journey to Healing

With his permission, I have taken on the job of creating a blog that will keep everyone informed of my Dad's journey with cancer.
He was diagnosed with Lymphoma just last week. It's been a long couple of months getting to a diagnosis, so as hard as it is to hear the word cancer, there is some relief in having an answer.
Dad saw an awesome oncologist, Dr. Erin Fleener, in Bryan, Texas on Monday. We all really liked her. She spoke words of hope to my Dad in the midst of a difficult conversation. She is definitely an answer to prayer.
He will have a busy schedule for the next couple of weeks. Today he had a Cat Scan of his head. In his words, "they were checking to see if I had a brain". If you know my Dad, you can believe that.
On Saturday he will have a PET scan. He has back problems and due to the location of the cancer he has a lot of shoulder pain. He can't imagine lying on his back with his arms up for this test. Your prayers are appreciated.
If all goes as scheduled, he will have his first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday, Dec. 2. Again, your prayers are needed.
Please pray for his pain level during these weeks to be manageable.
Pray for his strength and stamina.
Pray that the chemo will not be too difficult for him and that we will begin to see evidence of the chemo "melting the cancer away".
Pray for God's presence to be real to he and my mom.
Pray for God's touch on his body and for complete healing.
As you can imagine, Mom and Dad have many friends. It is very difficult to continually be telling this story over and over again to the many people who are calling them. We so appreciate your love for them, but we hope that you will understand that it is physically and emotionally draining for them to talk about all of this many times a day. For this reason, we are asking that you not expect them to share all of these details. We will keep this blog updated throughout his journey.
Cards, emails and comments on this blog will be especially meaningful to them.
They cannot make it without your prayers and support. You are all a vital part of their lives and we thank you for loving our parents.