Monday, January 17, 2011

A Crazy 2 Weeks!

It's been almost 2 weeks since Dad's last chemo treatment. They are now doing his chemo every 3 weeks. For a few days after chemo Dad actually felt pretty good. On Saturday after chemo we took Dad to Doyle's - one of his favorite places to eat. His taste buds aren't working well but he enjoyed being there.
The next week his blood counts began to drop and he was feeling bad. As his counts went down, his shingles pain increased and became almost unbearable. On Wednesday night he was admitted to the hospital and on Thursday he received a blood transfusion. The shingles pain continued to increase and it has been a really tough time for him.
He saw an opthamologist today and learned that the shingles has not gotten into his eye. That was good news.
Now we just ask for your prayers that the pain will go away.
Please also pray that the weeks following his next chemo treatment will be easier.
Please also pray for my mom. She has reached exhaustion and we are trying to help her take better care of herself.
Thank you for praying for him through this cancer journey.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chemo Cycle #4

Today Dad received his fourth round of chemo... only 2 more to go!
Because of the severe pain in the last cycle, he will not receive the bone marrow booster shot for this cycle. We are praying that this will make this cycle an easier one for him. Please pray for protection of his immune system - no fevers or infections.
We also received great news from his PET Scan. It appears that the tumor is gone!!!! Praise God!
We appreciate your continued prayers for my Dad and for his complete healing. Please feel free to email him or send him a card via snail mail.